Rabdaan Aseer

RABDAAN ASEER is a pure Bahraini stallion 100% desert bred...he is not a public stud ...but is kindly on loan to Pearl Island Arabians from The Royal Stud of Bahrain.

Radbaan in snow all four feet off the ground

Rabdaan Aseer in his stable

Rabdaan talks to Harry in the snow Jan10

Amanda nine months pregnant shares some quiet time with RABDAAN ASEER June 2009 a week before her daughter Elsie was born.

Two asil Bahraini stud stallions relaxed within a close proximity of each other...Rabdaan Aseer and Shuwaiman Al Rais.

Rabdaan Aseer with two of his Pearl Island wives, wearing a very fetching fly mask.

Rabdaan Aseer snoozing in some winter sunshine with two other pure Bahraini stallions Krayaan Dilmun (right ) and Shuwaiman Al Rais (left).

We regularly have student visits from Holme Lacey College and this time we allowed the students to handle and groom the stallions, we warned them that not all stallions are like the pure Bahrainis!

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