Shuwaimeh Bint Warda

Shuwaimeh and her boys, 2007


Bay Mare born 5 May 1990. 15 hands 2"(Bhr M100)

By Jellaby Alahmar Montasir (M23) out of Shuwaimeh Warda (M98). Bred by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Sulman Alkhalifa

Every stud must have its Queen and here at Pearl Island Arabians this accolade must go to our desert bred mare Shuwaimeh Bint Warda, dam of such stars as Al Reeh Janoob, Shuwaiman Al Bahrain and Shuwaiman Al Rais. She has given us beautiful daughters too; Shuwaimeh Bushra, Shuwaimeh Danah, Shuwaimeh Al Hadiya, Mabrooka Bint Shuwaimeh, Muna Bint Shuwaimeh.

Shuwaimeh and Hadiya summer 2004

Shuwaimeh Danah as a yearling

Two of Shuwaimehs daughters, Danah and Muna

Muna and Danah know who has got the Polos!

Hadiya welcomes a relative from her ancestors homeland

'Ladies in Waiting'.Kray Mohammadia and best friend Shuwaimeh Bint Warda Spring 2004

A prolific brood mare we have reduced her to a foal alternate years, much to her annoyance as she loves nothing better than to have a baby at her side. Shuwaimeh is definitely the Alpha mare in our herd and if she cannot have her own foal she will advise the younger mothers on "parenting", which they accept with good grace. Last summer was particularly amusing when she raised her own daughter and also took her grandson under her wing. Subah Bin Janoob was not orphaned, his mother Kray Mohammadia shared the field, he just preferred to be with his grandmother once he had fed off his mother. For Shuwaimeh this was bliss...two babies to care for...and for Kray Mohammadia it worked very well, never the maternal type, she was quite happy to send her son round to 'grannies' house!

Bahraini mares and their foals :from left to right Shuwaimeh Bint Warda, Hamdanieh Habiba and Kray Mohammadia

Shuwaimeh Bint Warda in the snow, November 2005

Jellaby Alahmar Montasir, Sire of Shuwaimeh Bint Warda

2007 Update

Having given Shuwaimeh a well deserved (but not appreciated) break from being in foal she was covered in 2006 by Krayaan Dilmun. It seems that this covering gave Shuwaimeh the chance to get her own back on me for the two barren years watching other mares with their foals.

I suppose my suspicions should have been aroused when Shuwaimeh blossomed....and "ballooned" during the Spring of 2007. I was fully intending to go to Syria for the WAHO Conference in April 2007 but as Shuwaimeh went over her due dates, somehow I could not bring myself to leave her. Thankfully I followed my instincts and didn't go!

Shuwaimeh Bint Warda heavily pregnant

Finally, ten days overdue, Shuwaimeh produced a surprise for us "TWIN SONS".
Read the twins story on our horses - new arrivals.

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