Krayaan Dilmun

Krayaan Dilmun

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Chesnut Stallion with flaxen mane and tail. Born April 1992. 16 hands

By Ma'anagy Nadeem out of Kray Manifa. Bred by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Sulman Alkhalifa

Krayaan Dilmun was born in Bahrain and came over to Herefordshire as a yearling. His early years were spent galloping around the green fields and growing! At the age of four we backed him and he became my riding horse. Nowadays he spends most of his time watching over his ever increasing family of children and grandchildren.Krayaan Dilmun has all the best attributes of the desert Arabian. He is a comfortable ride, strong and sound with an exceptional temperament that he passes to his offspring.

Krayaan Dilmun is the leading endurance sire 2010 please see our
"breaking news" page for details and photos.

Krayaan enjoys entertaining visitors from his homeland

Ma'anaghy Nadeem Sire of Krayaan Dilmun (copyright Royal Stud of Bahrain)

Krayaan Dilmun, from the desert sands to Herefordshire snow!

Krayaan Dilmun discovers that apples grow on trees!

October 2005 Krayaan discussing the day with his mares

We regularly have student visits from Holme Lacey College and Krayaan Dilmun was groomed by the students during the visit. Both the students and the stallions enjoyed their visit.

Stud Fee:
£800 purebred and £600 others - natural covering only.
SCID and CA clear.

(LFS) Lavender Foal Syndrome clear

Some of Krayaan's Offspring

Krayaan's foals showing their sire's laid back temperament

Loui aged three months. Krayaan's son out of Crabbet mare Danah Abyat. Now owned by Karen and Bond.

Loui aged three years with his new owner Bond

Harif, Krayaan's son out of Polish mare Halka, now owned by Lucy Taylor

Krayaan makes an excellent outcross! Excaliber his son out of Cleveland Bay Mare, Rosie

Kray Asila in Bahrain. Daughter of Krayaan Dilmun and Kray Mohammedia returned to land of her forefathers to restore the Al Kray line which had been lost

Jenny at the Royal Stud of Bahrain March 2010 visiting Kray Asila's fillies the (grey and chestnut)
the friendly bay just wanted to be in the photo.

Krayaan Haddj

A relaxed Krayaan Haddj in the pre-race parade ring showing his grandsire's (Krayaan Dilmun's) laid back approach to life despite the hustle and bustle of race day in Bahrain.

Krayaan Haddj picking off the other contenders as he makes his way to the front.

Krayaan Dilmun's grandson winning his race in Bahrain.

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