Views of Mill Farm

Mill Farm or The Mill House, as it is sometimes called, is in the English County of Herefordshire on the outskirts of a small village. The farmhouse is over 400 years old in parts and was originally the 'Millers house', with the actual Corn Mill being situated opposite in a nearby field. Sadly the Corn Mill had to be demolished for safety reasons but with local expertise and a lot of input from son William, our house has been restored and will no doubt be here for generations to come.

Mill Farm, Summer 2005

The changing seasons, the welcome visitors from far lands and our ever increasing family (two legged and four) makes life at Mill Farm very interesting. On these pages we would like to share with you the sights and surroundings of Mill Farm, life in a part of England that in some ways has changed beyond recognition and in others seems frozen in time.

November 2005, some of the younger members of Pearl Island take a look at the first snow of the season

A rear view of Mill Farm in the snow, 2005

These apples remaining on the trees at Mill Farm will be appreciated by the birds during this cold spell. To see apples on the trees in England in November is a rare sight, usually the leaves fall in October and the apples are blown from the trees by Autumn gales.

The first Winter frost, November 2005

This baby swallow fell out of his nest into a manger...

...but luckily Krayaan Dilmun is a great babysitter!

The now rare "Spindle Tree" (euonymus europaeus) flourishes in our hedgerows

The stickybuds of the Horse Chestnut Tree in Mill Farm garden

The feeding station at Mill Farm attracts many birds, these Blue Tits will shortly be calling for a refill of peanuts!

Every April the Swallows come back to Mill Farm and soon the barns are filled with young Swallows

Each summer the barns are filled with hay to feed the horses throughout the winter............ there is an old saying that "Hard work never hurt anyone." John, seen here throwing down the bales is in his seventies!!

Son in law Simon flies in for the day from Oxfordshire and gets help from Tony

Jenny is persuaded to take a ride and the camera goes too! Herefordshire and Mill Farm from the air

Coming back into land over Mill Farm. Summer 2005

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